How To Fix the Problem of Prime Video Not Working On Roku

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One of the most popular streaming services is Amazon Prime. It allows you to watch your favorite movies, series, and TV shows, among other things. With the subscription, you also have access to Amazon Prime exclusives, which allows you to watch content created only for the subscription.

With the advent of ROKU’s smart TVs and streaming devices, you can now enjoy some great app compatibility, like Amazon Prime and Netflix on ROKU. These apps come pre-installed on your ROKU TV, so you don’t have to worry about installation. All you have to do now is log in with your credentials and start using these wonderful services. It is uncommon for them to develop faults, and they normally function beautifully, but if you are having trouble with premier video not functioning on ROKU, here are some troubleshooting techniques you may take.

Solution for Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Roku

Check Your Internet Connection If Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Roku.

If your Prime video isn’t playing on your Roku TV or streaming device, the first thing you should check is your internet connection. You can check by using the internet on another device linked to the same WI-FI network or by running another online application on your ROKU TV. You may have to repair your internet to get it to operate again.

If you have no problems with your internet on the other device, but any application on ROKU isn’t working, you’ll need to detach your ROKU from that connection and reconnect it to get it to operate. Most of the time, this will solve your problem. Even a sluggish internet connection might cause problems with ROKU, so you might want to check your speed to see whether you’re getting enough speed for Amazon Prime to work on your ROKU.

Look For A VPN.

You can download and install applications from ROKU’s application store. In the store, there are a plethora of programs that you may install on your smart TV. Although ROKU does not promote it, third-party sources can be used to install some software on the device. Check to see if any third-party apps or those downloaded from the ROKU store are interfering with your internet settings.

Amazon does not support VPNs since they conceal your IP address and Amazon Prime contains geo-restricted content. As a result, you must guarantee that no VPN is installed on your ROKU TV or streaming device for Amazon Prime to function properly.

Restart Your Roku Device.

Rebooting your ROKU is the most basic and effective option that works most of the time. This simple remedy will clear any faults or flaws that may be generating the error, allowing you to use Amazon Prime on your ROKU TV once more.

Update Your Amazon App.

You may be using an out-of-date version of the Amazon Prime app that has stopped working. If your auto-updates function is turned on for Amazon, but it still doesn’t work, you can manually update the application to the newest version, restart your ROKU, and try again. Most of the time, this will solve the problem for you.

If it still doesn’t work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the application on your ROKU to get it to operate. To uninstall the app, go to settings, click on the applications menu, and scroll down to locate Amazon Prime listed there. You’ll need to go into the app’s settings and uninstall it from there. After that, you can download it from the ROKU shop once more. Before reinstalling, make careful to remove all of the application’s data. This may need you to log in to your Amazon account again, but it is worth the trouble because it will clear away any preferences that may be preventing you from accessing the service.

Firmware Upgrade

The firmware on your ROKU TV or streaming device may be out of date. ROKU releases these updates regularly to ensure that all problems are addressed and that new features are included for your convenience. If you’ve been putting off updating your firmware, now is the time to do so and allow your Amazon to restart.

ROKU and experts urge that you keep the auto-update feature turned on at all times to ensure that your firmware is updated regularly and that you are not inconvenienced at inconvenient times.

Examine Your Amazon Prime Membership.

This is a rare case, but occasionally you’re just wasting your time when the underlying issue is with your Amazon account. You’ll need to double-check that your subscription is still active and that there aren’t too many others using the account at the same time if you’re getting the issue on your ROKU device while trying to watch Amazon Prime.

Log In To Your Amazon Prime Account Again.

You can also try logging out and back into your Amazon Prime account on your ROKU device. This should be able to solve the problem for you. All you have to do is go to your Amazon app on ROKU and click on an unregistered device under settings. After that, restart your ROKU, open the Amazon Prime app again, go to settings, and register your device using the credentials from your active Amazon Prime account.

Please Contact Our Customer Service Department.

If you’ve done all of the troubleshooting procedures above and still can’t get the Amazon Prime video to play on your ROKU, it’s time to contact ROKU support for help diagnosing and permanently fixing the problem.

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