How can syncing data between iPhone and Mac make your life easier?

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Being a part of the Apple ecosystem has its perks. Regardless of how many Apple devices you use, it is possible to sync between all of them. For instance, if you own a Mac and an iPhone, you can follow instructions to sync contacts or other data quickly. Continue reading to know the most underrated benefits of syncing data between your Mac and iPhone. 

Continue your tasks on other devices

You don’t have to carry your Mac everywhere you go to finish your tasks. You can start a task on your Mac but continue it on your iPhone. From editing documents to using maps and browsing Safari, you can finish your tasks on the go. When you have reached your home or a cozy place, you can switch on your Mac and continue working from where you left off. 

The feature is known as Handoff, and it works with Apple applications and other third-party apps like NYTimes, Airbnb, etc. You can enable the feature by switching on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Apple devices. 

Manage iPhone messages and calls on Mac

If you have to constantly attend meetings or work on your Mac, this feature can come in quite handy. While working on your Mac, it can be frustrating to get distracted to check who is messaging or calling on your iPhone. 

Fortunately, you can directly attend cellular and FaceTime calls and messages on your Mac. Moreover, your Mac can receive and send messages when your iPhone isn’t with you, but you are connected to the Internet. However, your Mac and iPhone should be on the same Wi-Fi network and nearby to attend or make calls. 

Locate any Apple device with the Find My app

The Find My application is installed on every Apple device by default. It helps to locate all the Apple devices you have, which could be anywhere in the world. Using the app, you can remotely erase data on your Apple devices, play a loud sound to find them, or put them on lost mode. 

If your device is offline, you can use Apple’s Find my secret network to come to your rescue. If the cellular connection of your device is switched off, but your device is connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the nearby IoT devices can be used to find your missing device. 

What’s more, the helping devices do not let their users know they are helping you. 

You need to enable Find My Network and Find My on your Mac and iPhone. You must enable location access for Find My. 

A universal clipboard helps in copying and pasting text and files 

It is a tedious task to email or WhatsApp yourself the links or text you wish to share between your devices. But you don’t have to go through so much hassle when you have an iPhone and Mac. You can copy-paste files and text across your devices thanks to Universal Clipboard. 

Automatic application downloads 

Who wants to pay for the same application twice? As an Apple user, you don’t have to pay for the same game or app twice for your devices. You can automatically and freely download the same paid applications to all the compatible devices. If you download the app on one of them, you can use it on any of your devices. 

You need to enable Automatic Updates on the settings of both your devices. 

Screen time sharing 

Apple allows sync between your devices’ screen time for a much-enhanced screen time sharing experience. Thanks to this, you can have a consolidated report of the combined screen time. You can also gauge how much time you are spending on different categories of applications on all your devices. 

You need to enable Screen Time on both iPhone and Mac. Check the Share Access Devices option to get a combined screen time report. 

AirDrop for faster file sharing 

AirDrop is one of the fastest ways to share files among Apple users. If you are using an iPhone 11 model, you can point your phone toward the intended devices to view them in the AirDrop list. You can use the Shift + Command + R in Mac Finder to find the AirDrop menu faster. 

You can enable this feature by turning on AirDrop on your devices to receive or send files. You can even switch off this feature later on if you want. 

If you are using AirDrop to transfer files to your devices, you will not notice the option to decline or accept the request. The files will arrive automatically. 

The bottom line 

These are some of the amazing advantages of owning an iPhone and a Mac. You can sync all your contacts and other data between the devices to seamlessly work without worrying about losing your data.

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