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If you wish to submit a claim for my metro, follow these steps:

  • To begin, go to
  • You can access the site at any time because it is open 24 hours a day.
  • Now, select File/Track My Claim from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, enter your phone number or serial number.
  • Fill in the captcha box with your answers.
  • Finally, press the Submit button.

What are the advantages of metro claim

This offer is available to T-Mobile customers who have recently purchased a mobile device. They can ensure their equipment against harm by purchasing insurance. They can also use the PHP (Premium Handset Protection) program, which allows them to purchase device insurance for mobile security.

The PHP program covers the following topics:

  • Any injury caused by chance.
  • Liquid damage is also included.
  • Theft and loss of mobile phones.
  • It also covers mechanical or electrical breakdowns after the guarantee has expired.

If you don’t know or have your serial number, you can look it up in the following places:

  • Underneath the battery is a hidden compartment.
  • Original box for the device.
  • Receipt of purchase.
  • To see the IMEI number, dial #06#.
  • Make sure your settings are correct.
  • Make a call to your cellphone provider.

When filing, you must include the following information:

  • Phone number
  • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number
  • Make and model of the device
  • Contact information and a description of what happened to your device
  • PIN code for your account
  • a security issue
  • Deductible payment method
  • Form for proving loss

Make a Claim Over the Phone

If you want to file a claim over the phone, call Assurant at 1-800-316-2075 to talk with a customer service representative.

Check the Status of Your Claim

Simply follow the steps below to verify the status of your claim:

  • To begin, go to
  • Then select File/Track My Claim from the drop-down menu.
  • Then type in your phone number or serial number.
  • Finish the security inspection.
  • Then press the Submit button.
  • After you’ve verified your phone number, go to Track My Claim.
  • Enter your zip code now.
  • Finally, click Submit.
  • Refer to the tabs at the top of your screen for further information.

How Do I Register for My Metro Claim?

Customers who have purchased a T-Mobile smartphone can quickly enroll their device at any Metro by T-Mobile location.

First, there’s the Claim Limit.
Allows up to two covered claims in a 12-month period depending on the initial repair or replacement costing no more than $1,500 each.
When your claim reaches its limit, your coverage ends.

Devices That Are Protected
Typical battery
Charger for the home
SIM card (standard)
If you lose or steal your device, you can suspend service by calling Metro by T-Mobile at 1-888-8metro8.
From, you can contact customer service.
At the top of the page, click Contact Us.

Fill out the online form if you have any questions; the form requires the following information:

  • Choose the reason for your question.
  • Claim number, name, and email address
  • Cell phone number
  • Concerns should be written down.
  • Please press the Submit button.

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