Here are 8 Easy Solutions to Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type

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The internet connection issue rise due to the missing BP configuration setting TLV type. The internet’s performance is usually determined by the network settings and file configuration. The Spectrum will occur if there is a problem with the configuration files. The internet connection will be unstable as a result of this problem.

The Easy Solution of Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type

Here is the ultimate solution of how to fix the missing BP configuration setting TLV type issue

Timeout Value Configuration Setting to solve Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type

When you increase the timeout setting, your internet connection will become more stable and reconnection will become more frequent and help you solve the missing BP configuration setting TLV type. As a result, you can increase the timeout value by following the instructions listed below:

  • At the same moment, press the Windows and R keys.
  • In the field, type “regedit.”
  • Go to the internet settings page.
  • Select Receive Timeout from the drop-down menu.
  • Increase the value to 100 after that.
  • Save your changes and restart your computer.

Renewal of DHCP

The IP address is refreshed, and the setup settings are optimized with DHCP Renewal. With that said, you must follow the instructions outlined below:

  • To open the command box, press Windows and R at the same time.
  • In the field, type cmd.
  • To run the command as an administrator, hit the ctrl, enter, and shift keys together.
  • Then run various scripts to renew the DHCP server.

Files to Host

If the bad and unpleasant host files have infected your device, the configuration will be affected, and the internet will be disrupted and caused the missing BP configuration setting TLV type issue. As a result, you must ensure that the computer is free of any malicious host files. Now, check the problematic host files using the techniques outlined below;

  • Using the Windows and R keys, open the command prompt.
  • In the field, write “system/drivers/etc/hosts.”
  • If any websites appear in the search results, they are bad host files that must be deleted.
  • The mistake will be corrected.

Internet Preferences

When dealing with internet connection troubles, always examine the internet settings when attempting to locate the missing BP configuration setting TLV type setting. As a result, you have the option of doing the following steps:

  • Using the Windows and R keys, open the command prompt.
  • In the field, type inetcpl.cpl.
  • Go to the LAN and connection settings page now.
  • To use a proxy server for LAN, uncheck the automatically detect settings and use a proxy server (yes, both of them)
  • Save your changes and restart your computer to gain unrestricted internet access.


If you’re having trouble getting your internet connection back on track due to a configuration error, you’ll need to pick the proper browser. The problem can be caused by browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. As a result, we recommend switching to another browser. A different browser will provide a different IP address, allowing for better internet service optimization.

In a similar vein, some users utilize browser extensions, however, this has the potential to negatively harm the internet. So, to ensure a smooth high-speed internet connection, make sure you’ve disabled the browser extensions.

Restart the router

Routers are used to direct internet signals to your computers and other devices. The internet connection, on the other hand, will be hampered if the setup settings are incorrect. As a result, the router reboot will automatically resolve the minor file configuration issues. These issues, however, can be resolved by resetting the router.

To reboot the router, turn it off (using the power button or the power cord) and wait 30 seconds before turning it back on. In the same line, the router’s firmware must be updated. The firmware will update the configuration files, resulting in improved performance and the elimination of the missing BP configuration issue.

DNS (Domain Name System)

The internet connection and configuration difficulties will be established once the underlying DNS server issues are resolved. You’ll need to modify the DNS server in this scenario. The free server is Google DNS, but you’ll need to confirm your router’s compatibility first.

Technical Assistance

If the troubleshooting procedures do not resolve the issue of missing BP configuration settings, contact Spectrum customer service. You can request that they direct you to technical assistance. The technical support staff will either provide remedies or dispatch a professional to your location to investigate the problem (and, of course, resolve it!).

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