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How to Fix Error: Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response Received

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There is no doubt that Xfinity has one of the most secure networks in the United States. In every manner, their latency, speed, connectivity, and uptime are exceptional.

However, no network can always function flawlessly because it relies on a large number of mechanical and electrical components that can fail in many ways. For their communication equipment, Xfinity uses a range of cables, including coaxial, Ethernet, and fiber optic.

Because it has been around for a long time and was a part of our house infrastructure when it was created, coaxial cable is arguably the most widely utilized cable in the United States.

There are better solutions, but coaxial cable combined with Xfinity routers and modems provides the same level of speed and connectivity to power all of your home electronics, including phones, televisions, smart TVs, and computers.

Logs of Errors

One of the best features of Xfinity routers and modems is the ability to have an error log, which aids in the diagnosis of any issues that may be causing problems with your internet connection. Error logs maintain track of all of your computer’s mistakes and problems, and you may access them by connecting any device to your modem or router.

If you are utilizing a coaxial line and are unable to connect to the internet despite the fact that everything else appears to be operating properly, you should examine the error log on your router/modem.

Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging– No Response Received

This is one of the most typical issues that can occur when using a coaxial cable to connect to an Xfinity modem or router.

The frequency can vary because you may receive this issue on occasion and it will automatically fix itself and resume working as if nothing had happened. Other times, you may receive this problem frequently, such as many times per day, or you may receive a persistent error with no internet connectivity.

While the first one is something you can live with and fix when you have the time, the second one may be a major pain in the neck, and you’ll want to get it resolved as soon as possible so you can reconnect to the internet.

To troubleshoot the problem, you’ll need to diagnosis some equipment, but first, you’ll need to figure out what’s causing the problem.

What may be causing the Xfinity Error: Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response?
If you’re experiencing this problem, one of the most typical causes is that you’re utilizing a coaxial cable for internet reception and it’s getting noisy

. Because of the noise, your internet data or information being carried across the cable may not work properly, and you may experience connectivity issues. Noise is highly protected by numerous layers of coaxial wire, yet nothing can prevent the unavoidable.


If you know a little about wires and cables, troubleshooting such problems will be a breeze for you. To ensure excellent connectivity, follow the procedures below.

Examine the cable

You must ensure that your coaxial cable is in good condition and does not have any abrupt bends. This can cause a disruption in the data flow, and you may get errors as a result. Also, check sure your coaxial cable’s upper rubber coating is intact and that it does not come into contact with any metal. Other coaxial cables in a bundle may also be the source of the problem, so double-check to make sure you’re not getting the error.

Connectors should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

Such errors on your modem/router might also be caused by a damaged connector at any point. To guarantee that you have the finest possible internet connectivity, make sure that no connectors are going bad or aren’t working at any point. If your connector shows any signs of physical damage, you’ll need to replace it, although it should still work.

Xfinity contact to the company

If none of the above troubleshooting techniques work for you, you’ll need to contact Xfinity to see if your modem/router needs to be replaced. The Xfinity customer service team may take some time to diagnose the problem, but they will give you a long-term solution.

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