What Is NAT Filtering and How Does It Work? Everything You Should Know About:

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NAT filtering is a service that allows routers to translate a set of IP addresses into a different set of IP addresses. Its objective is to assist conserve the limited amount of publicly available IPv4 public IP numbers. Typical translations use a private network with IP addresses in a private range (such as to, which is ideal for systems that only have permitted access to resources within a private network.

NAT filtering is now found in all types of routers, from entry-level units to high-end equipment. It also enables your laptop, smartphone, and smart TV to connect to the internet using a single IP address provided by your ISP.

What Exactly Is NAT Filtering?

To put it another way, it is a protective block that adds an extra layer of security to your internet network, safeguarding you from cyber attacks.

Consider it a front-line soldier fighting to keep hackers from infecting your devices with malware.

NAT filtering basically inspects data packets before deciding how to use them. This constant monitoring aids in the blocking of any incoming internet traffic that isn’t related to your request.

This is how the mechanism works: NAT sends data packets to the internet from two different devices. DMS is initially used to transfer data packets from a PC to a router. After then, a request authorizes these packets to be sent to the destination service. What was the end result? The destination service sends data packets to your router. The packets are subsequently analyzed by NAT filtering, which then sends the clean traffic to your computer.

PS4’s NAT Filtering

Consider yourself lucky if you regularly connect to the PlayStation Network and haven’t had any NAT issues on your console. Don’t update your router’s NAT settings.

Communication failures between the console and the network or server cause NAT troubles on the PS4. In PS4, there are three varieties of NAT: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

Type 1 stands for “Open,” Type 2 for “Moderate,” and Type 3 for “Strict.” Your NAT Type should be Open if you want to play online without being interrupted. Those who have Type 2 may suffer some game interruptions. Type 3 is the worst since it prevents you from receiving chat messages or seamlessly hosting gaming.

Xbox One NAT Filtering

NAT filtering issues are widespread among Xbox One owners. As a result, when online gamers receive “Moderate” or “Strict” NAT settings, they must manually set the NAT type to Open.

If you’re using a NETGEAR router, the techniques in this guide will help you fix filtering issues.

The settings for Open NAT on numerous consoles will be available and activated by default if you require it (UPnP). However, if you’re still having problems, try allocating a specific port. To avoid erroneous NAT readings, turn off your Geo-Filter when starting up the Xbox One.


While it may appear complicated, it is the most basic degree of protection available in an internet router. You can use it in conjunction with a VPN to have even better safety. If you do, make sure to use a premium option so you can benefit from features like traffic blocking inbound and outgoing when your VPN disconnects unexpectedly.

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